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#1. Sweetbitter

Dama Pé de Cabra. Source: Fronteiras do Desconhecido

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A fede gimmel ring from the British Museum’s collection from the 16th/17th century. Source: The British Museum

“A Expulsão dos Judeus” (The Expulsion of the Jews), by Roque Gameiro (Quadros da História de Portugal, 1917). Source: Wikimedia

The Iberian Kingdoms and the Jews

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The Cadaver Synod as portrayed by Jean-Paul Laurens in 1870. Public Domain. Source: Wikipedia

Early 19th-century manuscript showing the Muslim army marching into Mecca and the subsequent smashing of its idols. Public Domain: Wikipedia

The attempted regicide of King Joseph I of Portugal, in 1758. Francisco Vieira de Matos
1759–1760. Source: Museu de Lisboa (Public Domain)

The Beginning

Jaime Martins Barata, “Torneio dos Doze de Inglaterra” in the wall of the Palácio de Justiça de Seia (1966), Portugal. Source:

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